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What Is an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program?

An intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) is a flexible treatment option that’s designed to take on both addiction and mental health issues. It also provides a flexible way of maintaining their daily commitments to work and family. The goal of our IOP is to provide support and education to individuals in order to maintain sobriety. We also address the underlying issues that may lead to addiction so you can resolve and learn to manage any triggers.

An intensive outpatient treatment program consists of group counseling, group activities, and individual therapy sessions. It’s less of a time commitment and offers flexibility so that you, as a patient, may still participate in daily activities. While in an IOP, you stay in your own home as opposed to a residential treatment program where you would live in a facility for the duration of treatment.


How Can Intensive Outpatient Treatment Help You?

Intensive outpatient treatment can help treat a variety of issues, but is commonly used to treat these disorders:

Substance Use Disorderiop-04

Bipolar Disorderiop-05

Eating Disordersiop-06


This type of treatment can also help you transition from a residential program back to your normal life. IOPs offer support and help continue the development of new coping skills which helps prevent relapse.

Why Should You Choose an IOP?

You might choose an IOP if you need flexibility in your treatment but also require more intensive care. IOPs offer more structure than a traditional outpatient program but are less intense than a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). Another reason people choose this type of treatment program is that it’s less expensive than residential or inpatient treatment programs while still providing a high level of care.

Because of the ongoing support from therapy and group activities, an IOP can be a great option to continue addiction treatment after a PHP or residential treatment. Being able to return home after the treatment may make it easier to integrate the skills you learn into your day-to-day life and activity.

Stages of Addiction Treatment

There are five stages to addiction treatment. IOPs are classified as Level 2 treatment between outpatient treatment which is less intense and partial hospitalization which requires long hours of treatment. The other stages include inpatient treatment and detoxification.

  • Level 1: outpatient treatment, includes weekly therapy sessions and medication management in some cases.
  • Level 3: PHP offers a combination of individual and group therapy, as well as medication if needed. Patients can go home at night but are in treatment for the entire day.
  • Level 4: is inpatient treatment and provides 24/7 care so patients live in the treatment facility.
  • Level 5: detoxification, is the initial stage of addiction treatment and is the most intensive level of care you receive for addiction treatment.

What To Expect from Intensive Outpatient Treatment in NJ

You can expect to visit a treatment facility three to four times a week if you choose an IOP. Your treatment sessions will include therapy sessions to teach you about relapse prevention, stress management, and how to develop positive thought and behavior patterns. Therapy is both individual and in groups. This helps build a support system and practice the skills you’ll learn in each setting.

Group Therapy

During group therapy a licensed professional on several topics including skill development, psychoeducation, refusal training, and relapse prevention. Group therapy is a core form of treatment in intensive outpatient programs as well as in residential programs. It offers several advantages, especially for social skills, making it unique when compared to other methods of treatment.

In group therapy you’ll interact with peers, learning how to build healthy relationships and make connections with others who are dedicated to recovery. These new relationships are instrumental in maintaining your sobriety and sticking to recovery goals.

Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, you work with a counselor one-on-one. Since group therapy is often the core of an IOP, you may build on the progress you’re making in group sessions. For example, in individual therapy sessions, you may continue to work on relapse prevention techniques that you learn with a group. This type of treatment also includes cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).

Your counselor will discuss your personal struggles and provide you with coping techniques. If you’re taking any medication for your treatment, your therapist will help manage this by adjusting the dosage and taking note of how it’s affecting you. Many people continue individual therapy even after completing intensive outpatient therapy because maintaining a relationship with your therapist can help maintain your recovery.

How Long is an Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

You can typically complete an IOP in 12 to 16 weeks. At Pathways, individuals attend treatment for at least nine hours per week. You may have three to four sessions per week that last for three hours. Your treatment can be extended if needed. Our treatment center enables you to customize treatment to your specific needs.

Choosing the Best Addiction Treatment For You

Learning about the types of treatments available for addiction will help you choose the best option for yourself. Your physicians or counselors can make recommendations and help you determine what will be most effective for you.

For addiction recovery, it’s important to seek treatment from a facility that customizes its approach for you so that you receive treatment based on a plan, tailored to your addiction case. Social support is also a component of recovery you should look for when seeking treatment. Addiction can deteriorate relationships in your life, and it impacts your recovery positively when you can build new relationships and practice relationship skills.

It’s also helpful to choose a facility with ongoing treatment so that you can transition and adjust your treatment as you make progress toward recovery.

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